Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to play MKV format videos in Sony Bravia LED TV or any other LED TV

  I recently bought Sony DAV TZ 215 DVD Home Theater System. But when i was running it for the first time i was really disappointed since it cant play MKV format videos. But all my HD movies are in MKV format.

  Later i found a way to make the HTS system play MKV formats with a little workaround. This workaround can be used for Sony Bravia and any other LED tv's

Let's see the procedure,

  1. Go to and download txMuxer latest version and extract it on your computer.
  2. Double click on tsMuxerGUI.exe to open the tsMuxer
  3. In the Input tab click on add to add the mkv file you want to convert
  4. Select the output format as M2TS Muxing and change the video level if required
  5. Click on Start Muxing, the out file will be saved in the output directory and that can be changed.
  6. This process will take around 30 secs for 1Gb MKV file.
  7. Copy the output file to a USB and your sony device must play that video format.
The screenshot below will show the options available

MKV is a container and M2ts is also a container, hence there is no loss in quality while transforming.

Hope this helps...
Other Supported Models : Sony BRAVIA KDL-43W800C
                                                                                                                                           S A Delphin



karthik K.S. said...

I have done exactly as posted but still could not play any video.. can you please help

S A Delphin said...

What's the converted format?. what's the model of you device? some device cant read NTFS filesystem..

Pishang Ujeniya said...

I am having Sony EX 650 40" Smart Led but Can't Play MKV Files But After Connecting LEd with Homestream ( Some of MKV files it shows and plays.
After that I found your tutorial and it worked for me but Sound didnt Came then I found another way About using avidemux it worked perfectly And fine way.
But I still Can't Play Dual Audio Files Such as having two Languages in Single file.
How to Switch between Languages? ( I contacted Sony Company, they said to press AUDIO button At the Below Of remote when the Video is Playing. It showed error Saying "this feature is not available in current Input method"
If You have any solution related to this then Please Mail Me at
I hope you could help me.

Anonymous said...

better to change the video format and tada.... it's no problem with our players

Shrey Purohit said...

Thanks delphin now I can play any movie on my sony bravia 32ex55 easily. One more request can you find a way to read pdf on sony bravia ex55?

Shrey Purohit said...

This converts most of videos but certain videos cant be converted? I had transformers 4 trailer in 1080p it worked on my tv but avatar on 1080p did not!
What's the reason for it ad how to fix it?

Sachin said...

I was looking for this solution.Thanks for the info. Special thanks to lake1988 of forum for providing this wonderful tip.

ninten said...

Thank you!!

Munirul Islam said...

It works fine with me. Thanks buddy Delphin.
But how to add subtitle on that movie file?
can u plz explain it...

bhavin chheda said...

even on converting the fprmat to avi some movies do not play and show the dialouge as play back not avaible

Unknown said...


vasa said...

Thanks This works for Sony 43W800C as well. :-)

S A Delphin said...

Glad, It worked for you Vasa

Harshada Thorat said...

This WORKED. Thanks man... You saved our sunday!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. I was able to play a movie in our TV but there was no sound. How can I fix this?

saurav said...

I have sony bravia 48w562d..i am not able to play mkv files on my tv after using tsmuxer also.pls help asap. Tia

Ashish Verma said...

Video not working but audio is fine after mixing the there any solution?

Jacky Henry said...

To play mkv files on Sony Bravia TV, you may also try this method

According to my practice, this method also helps to play FLV, MP4, AVI, AVCHD, WTV, TIVO, MPG, etc on Sony Bravia TV, Samsung TV etc

Jacky Henry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonh Emily said...

Avdshare Video Converter also helps to covert MKV to play MKV on Sony.
Here is the easy guide

betterpluse said...

What we need is just a professional MKV to Sony Bravia TV converter, like Avdshare Video Converter is very great to convert MKV to Sony Bravia TV to Play MKV on Sony Bravia TV.
Here is the easy guide

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