Sunday, June 17, 2012

App Review - Temple Run : Brave

App Price        :  $0.99
Release Date   :  14 June 2012
App Link        : Temple Run : Brave
Universal App: Yes

Imangi studios, makers of the Temple Run and Pixar comes together for making a new app called Temple Run : Brave. Merida, from Pixar's upcoming movie Brave replaces Guy Dangerous as the running character in this new game.

The new temple run is set in Scotland wild, where you run, jump, slide, turn and SHOOT. Yes guys, you are reading it right it is shoot. The new archery feature enables you to shoot bullseye while you run to gain extra coins.

Let's start. The below is the loading image from the new game.

Note: they are giving a bonus of 2500 coins for buying this app.

And This is the new Main Menu.

This time it's a Wild Bear instead of three mad monkeys... The story is Merida shoots a bear with arrow and the bear wants revenge. You can see chasing bear stuck with arrow on its back. Here is a image of Wild Bear chasing Merida..

The game has more details of environment than the original which is downside of the new game. The new one is not as smooth as the original, there is FPS lags. Some turns and jumps are confusing because you cant see it coming. The archery feature, pops on the screen and hides the power ups on the way, which might be little irritating.

What is more irritating is the sound effects. But the background music is somewhat good. And this time the character doesn't moan while jumping but speaks out few dialogues like - "ugh! So Much Jumping!" and after running for few meters "My legs are paining". The below is Merida seen with a Bow at the start of the game and Merida jumping over a obstacle.

The objectives are mostly same as the original except for few extra archery objectives. In stores there are few changes. An Extra power up for archery and no character unlocks instead there are outfit unlock for Merida.
The below are few screenshots of death screens in Temple Run : Brave.

Overall, it's not a worthy successor of The original Temple Run. And it's a paid app, it costs $0.99.
Those new to Temple Run may like this game but I think Temple Run fans may not like this game.

Overall Rating -  5\10

My Original Temple Run Game Stats on Delphin's Request...

Harish Arulkumar


S A Delphin said...

Thanks, Harish.. besides, wanna see your current statistics in temple run.. Will you post that for us?..

Tomminy said...

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