Saturday, June 30, 2012

App Review - The Amazing Spider-Man

Gameloft has come up with yet another amazing game called The Amazing Spider-Man. This game's story is spin-off from spider-man reboot movie of the same name. Gameloft, who is the leading game publisher on mobile device has given out great games in the past like Asphalt, Infinity Blade, N.O.V.A, Brothers in Arms etc. Lets see what they have given us this time.

Publisher              :  Gameloft
Developer            :  Gameloft
Genre                   :  Action
Release Date        :  28-06-2012
Universal App     :   Yes
Price                    :   $6.99
Size                     :   694 MB
App Store Link   :   The Amazing Spider-Man

Gameplay & Controls – The Amazing Spider-Man gameplay is nearly same as that previous Spider-Man 2 PC game. You Swing around city, shoot webs at enemies and save Damsel in Distress. I played the game in iPad and iPhone; found more comfortable because of its large screen. On iPhone it is little uncomfortable to play but not that bad. The best thing is that they have retained the free-roam. You can roam the streets, collect Oscorp Spiders, do small side missions and fight roadside thugs. The city is big enough to roam for many hours. The Combat and Boss fights are too easy which is a downside. But some boss fight are near excellent. The combat system which was used in Batman was used here.

Graphics The game’s graphics is really good. Not surprised because it’s from Gameloft who gave kind of games which has the best graphics on iOS platform. The game is designed to use The New iPad’s Retina Display. The city is beautifully built and colorful. Spider-Man in blue and red costume is rendered wonderful on iOS devices.

Music – Music is not epic but its good for a mobile game.The music was composed by Maxime Goulet and Pascal Dion

Game Inventory – This game has good Skills and Power Upgradation system. You can also buy few items from store using Oscorp Spiders which you can find on the streets and collect it. The skill points which earned from completing missions, fighting villains and other stuffs can be used to Upgrade Powers like web shoot, uppercut etc for this masked superhero.

Plot – The plot is not surprising. Usual things like save the day using your super powers. This games follow the story of the film of same name. Just came back from the movie, it was good.

Conclusion - The game rocks on iOS device (i prefer playing on iPad). It keeps you engaged for hours but the downside is that the game is too easy in combats.

Rating - 7.2/10


Harish Arulkumar


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