Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to recover forgotten sepm encryption password | How to configure the symantec enforcer plugin for DHCP withou sepm encryption password

    It happened recently to me that i need to test Symantec enforcer plugin for Microsoft dhcp to suit my organization's security requirement and i decided to take a shot.

  When i was configuring Symantec Integrated enforcer for Microsoft dhcp server to connect to my sepm server i had to give the details like server name or ip address, port no and Encryption password !?.

   Encryption password?, What the heck....!? I don't the the encryption password as some guy who was taking care of sepm before me had put that and i don't even have clue abt that....

   Had searched through out the Symantec connect forum and couldn't find a way to recover the password, noticed a knowledge base article which reads " there is currently no way to recover or reset the encryption password"and i'm out of nowhere.. My only option is to perform a DR on SEPM to provide a encryption key. I was not ready for that.

  Later when i googled, i found that without the having to enter the encryption password i can actually connect to my sepm server. we will have to open the sylink file from a working client and copy the value right after kcs and paste it there in enforcer window while selecting Use hash value as in the below images.

  Voila.. My integrated enforcer connected to management server and shows green all over.. Back to my track again...

Hope this helps... Feel free to post comments..


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