Tuesday, July 17, 2012

App Review - Amazing Alex

Most of the people who uses mobiles know about Angry Birds. Angry Birds was created by Rovio Entertainment in 2009. Until Angry Birds Rovio was called Relude which released games for N-Cage and other J2ME mobile environment. Now the company does billion dollar revenue. Angry Bird now is not just a game but a merchandise. There are angry bird toys and also Feature films and Television series have been planned. Few months ago Rovio bought rights to Casey's Contraptions from developers Noel Llopis and Miguel A. Friginal. They revamped and branded it as Amazing Alex.

Publisher              :  Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
Developer            :  Noel Llopis & Miguel A. Friginal.
Genre                   :  Physics Puzzle
Release Date        :  12-07-2012
Universal App     :   No
Price   - Lite        :  Free
             iPhone    :  $0.99
             iPad        :  $2.99
Size                     :   19.8 MB/35.1 MB
App Store Link   :   Amazing Alex

Gameplay - Even though the game was bought from independent developers, Rovio has made some changes and given it their addictive Rovio touch. The gameplay is to use household items to set off a chain reaction and achieve the objective of the game. The goal is to collect all stars while completing the objective.

The first few levels may seem very easy but actually its kind of tutorial for you to learn the gameplay. The Classroom(First room) may look very easy but the game gets tougher by each level in The Backyard room. In free lite version you can play only The Classroom. There are totally 112 puzzles and 336 stars to be collected.

Game Physics - The game physics is the topic lot to be talked about. This game uses Box2D engine for physics engine. By the way Box2D is open source, so if you want to make a game using it, just go visit this site - http://box2d.org/

The game uses the best of the game physics. Till now I haven't seen a flaw in the game. The game music goes in hand with game and gives a good feel.

Game Graphics - Game has beautiful vector graphics. The game allows to pinch zoom like angry birds.

Solution Sharing Feature - These puzzles may contain more than one solution. After you find a solution you can share it with your Gamecenter friends. None of my friends still started sharing but i have. To view my solution you have to add me in Gamecenter, my id is Harish Arulkumar. I have completed 2 stages with all 3 Stars. You can also share in twitter and facebook.

My Level Feature - This is an awesome feature which makes the game purely unlimited. With My Level you can create your own puzzle, finish it with 3 Stars and share it with the world. Others can download through the same menu.

Rating - 8.8/10


Harish Arulkumar


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