Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What's New in ConfigMgr VNEXT - TP3 - Introduction

Hey Guys. I am happy to meet you all with another post, only this time it is gonna be a series of posts about "What's new in ConfigMgr Vnext - TP3"

As you all know that ConfigMgr vNext TP3 is made available by Microsoft on 19-Aug-2015 and I got a chance to evaluate the functionality in my LAB. This series of blog post will talk about the features and functionality introduced or changed in vNext. Hope you guys will enjoy this series.

New Features / Enhancements in ConfigMgr vNext

 The listed below are the improvements in vNext technical preview 3, collected from Technet.

  • Windows 10 in-place upgrade
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Data protection for mobile devices
  • Preferred management points
  • On-premises mobile device management (MDM)
  • Support for Microsoft Azure virtual machines
  • Client deployment status in console monitoring
  • Sideloading apps in Windows 10
  • Windows PE Peer Cache
  • On-premises MDM: Adds support for Windows 10 desktop
  • Bulk enrollment of Windows 10 devices
  • Support for multiple Automatic Deployment Rules
  • Diagnostics and Usage Data
  • Service a server cluster
  • Support for SQL Server AlwaysOn for highly available databases
  • Deploy Windows Business Store applications
  • App deployment to Windows 10 devices with on-premises MDM
  • Compliance settings for Windows 10
  • Improved workflow for creating mobile device configuration items
  • Updates for Windows 10 in-place upgrade
  • Updates for bulk enrollment of Windows 10 devices with on-premises MDM

I will be testing every possible scenario in my LAB and share my experience with you guys in upcoming articles.

The complete detail and limitations are available in this artcile

ConfigMgr vNext TP3 can be downloaded from Microsoft evaluation center

Outlook - ConfigMgr vNext TP3

As I just completed setting up my vNext LAB, i though it would be really cool to share the outlook of the tool with you guys.

Asset and compliance

The Asset and compliance looks the same as ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 other than the "Windows" folder under All Corporate-Owned devices.

 Software Library

Windows sideloading keys is new which helps "Sideloading apps in Windows 10" We will be seeing that later in detail.


Production and Pre-production client deployment. Not sure how this works yet, But we will get know very shortly.


I see a new node "Update and servicing" under cloud servicing. This is most probably related to the new windows service "Configuration_Manager_Update" which is available along with the other tradition ConfigMgr windows services.

Windows Services

Along with the traditional ConfigMgr windows services, there is a new Windows service with the name "Configuration_Manager_Update" is listed under services.msc. There is a log file associated with component as well, But i am not really sure about the functionality of this at the moment.

Client settings

There is this new client setting node "Windows PE peer cache" is added to support Windows PE Peer Cache feature. This is gonna be one of the coolest feature in ConfigMgr vNext since you don't need to install a Server DP in a remote location just for the sake of OSD. Excited to test this functionality.

Hope u enjoyed this :-)                                                                                                  TechyTipz


Ogeccut said...

Did u record how u created a lab? What is the setup?

Ogeccut said...
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S A Delphin said...

Hey Ogeccut, Thank you for spending some time to read..
Sorry, I did not record the installation. But i could help u if you need a hand.. :-)

Ogeccut said...

Great. Just to start, what is your setup? is 3 clients enough? One for DC, second for CM and on client to deploy?

S A Delphin said...

Yes. I have DB, site server and site systems all in one server with 4 gig RAM. And the performance is good enough.

My LAB setup 1 DC(1GB RAM), 1 SCCM server(4GB RAM) and clients..

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