Monday, February 29, 2016

Boot Image Properties are missing after R2 SP1 CU2 Upgrade

Hey guys. Happy to meet you with one of my recent experience again. I am really blessed to work for my client as I get to work on the latest version of the product. So the story goes like this, As soon as CU2 for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 is released, we started evaluating it and prepared our ConfigMgr infrastructures for the upgrade. The entire upgrade went successfully and started performing tests to ensure the functionality of ConfigMgr only to realize that the customization properties of all boot images are missing.

 As this is kind of common in infrastructure upgrade where the boot images are not updated yet, we updated all our boot images. But still no tabs!!

 We started looking out for other options, but none of them worked. We only had the option of reinstalling the ADK in site server left with us. But I wanna make sure that I took care of everything before doing that. So I created a thread to ask for other technet member's opinion on this.

Drivers tab is missing on Boot Image Properties

 I am glad that I opened that thread and Jason directed me to work around the SMS provider.

(get-wmiobject -class sms_providerLocation -namespace root\sms).machine

Running  above power shell command returned me 2 SMS providers, Where as we only have one SMS provider that sits on the site server itself. Probably the leftovers of previous SMS provider testing.

Now that I realized what needs to be done, I remove the left overs of the second SMS provider and voila!! the tabs are back again.

Hope this helps
S A Delphin


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