Monday, March 14, 2016

How does Client Online status in ConfigMgr 1602 work

Hey guys, you all excited to get your hands dirty with COnfigMgr 1602 ? Well, I was able to get the upgrade package by running the powershell script(EnableupdateRing Powershell Script) available here

Right after running the powershell script I launched Configuration Manager Service Manager and restarted SMS_DMP_Downloader under components. Then the upgrade package was available under Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing . Right clicked on it to run the pre-requisite check and started upgrade through right click menu. I am not going to talk about the upgrade process in detail, since there are many article explaining that in detail.

One cool feature that I noticed is, we could see if a computer is online or offline in console. There is this green check mark on the device icon if the client is online. The Icon for offline computers remains the same.

I was really surprised to see this change for real and It also made me to think that if the client are going to send it status to MP frequently and ConfigMgr is to process all these request and store is in DB, It would actually increase the load on both the network and site server / systems. So I decided to check if there are places where this communication activity is recorded. I found quite interesting stuff there..

Quoted from Microsoft post

A new status for clients is available for monitoring if a computer is online or not. A computer is considered online if it is connected to it's assigned management point. To indicate that the computer is online, the client sends ping-like messages to the management point. If the management point doesn't receive a message after 5 minutes, the client is considered offline.

 It looks like the client's BGB agent's keep alive messages are used in order to define if a client is online or not.

The keep alive messages are then processed by BGB server to create a Delta report on the client Online status to be processed further.

The Delta file is processed and Online status of each client is stored in table BGB_ResStatus . If you want to see that yourself, try this query in your SQL management studio

SELECT TOP 1000 [ResourceID]
  FROM [CM_<SiteCode>].[dbo].[BGB_ResStatus]

 The above query gave me the following result. The column Online status defines whether a computer is online or not.

I investigated everything I wanted to know about the new client online status feature and the only thing I want to investigate now is, What if I want to disable this and reduce the load on the Network as well as site servers/ systems ?

I still dont have answer for that question and I will try to find that out soon. So, If you are planning to move to ConfigMgr 1602, knowing how this works comes in handy at times.

Hope this helps
S A Delphin


Unknown said...

good findings Delphin. Interesting to see the rule they have set on MP communication

S A Delphin said...

Thank you Vijay.

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