Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to prevent you FACEBOOK account from being hacked..

Found your photos somewhere in the internet ?!

Is the no of spam mails rushing into your mailbox is increased?!

Are you getting a lots of telemarketing calls ?!

Is unknown application posting something on your Facebook wall without your approval?!...

Beware that your face book account might be hacked. hacking facebook account is in fashion now because they can collect personnel information about hundreds of matured people in a single shot. Act before it's too late. Change your password and safeguard your facebook account before the hacker extract all personal information of you and your friends. This article how to hide your facebook account from Hackers.

There are many things that you need to make sure to hide yourself from  the hackers.  Let see one by one.


Make your account as a nightmare for Hackers by making your password much stronger. If you do so the hacker cannot break you password and you closed main door for them. I would say that a strongest password should be a mixture of  uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters and must be more that 10 characters in length . But don't use things like your birth dates, your age, any part of your name as the hacker easily set a dictionary while trying to hack your account. Use some random phrases and replace some of its letters by random numbers and special characters.
Examples : D3lph1nt1pz.Bl@gsp@t.c0m

Have yourself the habit of changing your account password once in month. Don't put your facebook account information like user name and password in any web pages other than facebook official site.


As the main door closed for a hacker can enter into the other door as your friend. Don't accept a friend request unless he is really your friend. This is the best way for a hacker to get access to your information to contact you as a friend. Avoid a request if he don't even have a profile picture. Also, don’t friend friends whom you know to use weak  passwords, as if the hacker compromised your friend's account he can collect many of your information also and they can direct to a malware site.


Use safer browsers like Firefox, IE 8 or above etc.. using Firefox for browsing internet is advised by me as it is the safest browser i ever know. If you feel that you are more comfortable with IE that Firefox, it is advised to install IE8 or IE9 as these two versions are quite safer. never copy and paste your passwords while you are using IE as the hacker can access your clipboard and cull information by putting a script on the web page if you are using IE. It's explained in this article


One of the reasons why millions of people are enjoying Facebook is the applications that are really addictive, but while clicking on applications and games make sure it's not asking permission to read your personnel information like contact, address etc..  I would recommend you to use another mail account rather than your personnel mail account...

Facebook will never send you an email asking you to change your password or enter personal details. If they need you to do that, they will tell you where in your account settings you can go to do that. On a similar note, protect your email account that you registered for Facebook with, else someone can succeed in resetting your Facebook password.
Do not upload your private photo to your facebook account, if you do so you may ended up in seeing your photos in a porno site..

Hope this article will help you in keeping your personnel information as personnel



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