Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to recover a permanently deleted file or folder instantly; Free delteed file recovery software

In this article we will talk about recovering a deleted file or folder in your computer instantly free of cost. While googling i found this valuable tool which helps us to recover files instantly. I though i must share that here.

Download the software Restoration from here , extract the content and copy the folder to a place which is convenient to you like on your desktop.

That's it you can now start recovering deleted files or folders through that software.

To recover a file or folder open the restoration.exe which is located inside the folder, by double clicking on it. If you use vista or windows 7 right click on the restoration.exe and select run as administrator .

Select the drive from which you deleted that particular file or folder.

Type the name of the folder or file if you are sure about it.

Then click search deleted files to start the scan through the drive.

After the scan is completed it will list all the files deleted recently. Select the file or folder you want to recover and click restore by copying.

Save the recovered items in a separate drive.

Hope this helps.



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