Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Windows 7 32 bit driver for dell inspiron N4010 (Inspiran 14R) laptop, How to find and install correct versions of drivers if you are unable to find it from official site

      A friend of mine purchased a dell inspiron n4010 with windows 7 64 bit version. he never attached to 64 bit versions. he planned to change his Os as he is having 32 bit windows 7 DVD.

       He installed 32 bit version and struck up with the drivers. In dell website he was unable to find 32 version of drivers as they only provide 64 bit versions. He tried his level best in searching and he approached me. With a workaround we succeeded in  installing the drivers. Finally i realize for a normal user it's quite difficult to get the drivers. So I thought of sharing the workaround in my blog. Let see that...


1. At first browse the available driver set for that particular laptop, in it's website.

2. Note down the hardware manufacturer and versions (like realtec gigabyte ethernet adapter, intel wimax link 6260, ATI mobility radeon hd 550v,  etc)

3. Download and install the driver version you required from the hardware manufacturer website. In the hardware manufacturer's website driver version's compatible with all os may available.

4. For example, Your Dell laptop is having intel wimax 6260 adapter and in dell official website 32 bit version driver is not available for download, you should go to Intel website and download the right version of driver for intel wimax 6260 adapter which should be compatible with your Os.

     This procedure will work for all laptops to find and install correct versions of drivers if you are unable to find it from laptop's official website. But in this case we will do it for Dell inspiron n4010.

    As an example, we are going to find and install 32 bit wireless network adapter driver for Inspiron N4010 laptop. Go to and select your laptop model as Inspiron N4010. Chose your operating system as windows 7 64 bit, Click find downloads. This will list all the drivers available for N4010 laptop compatible with windows 7 64 bit.

In the available drivers list expand network and note down the adapter's commercial name.

Then go to, and select wireless Networking > Intel wimax Adapters > intel wimax 6260 and then select your operating system. Download the drivers install it enjoy.

Like the same way you could find and install drivers for display adapter, Ethernet adapter, Sound drivers etc.. for all the laptops

Hope this helps.



Biel said...

Ajudou muito, comprei meu note ontem e tbm mudei para 32 bit, não tinha pensado nisso.
valeu !

S A Delphin said...

Oh.. Beil.. Used google translate to understand what you write..
"It helped a lot, I bought my note yesterday and moved to 32 bit tbm, had not thought about.

Always there for u man...

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