Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to recover "cannot create the window" error in Visual studio 2010 (Vs2010)

    I got this error recently, while configuring visual studio 2010 for one of my client. But he has visual studio 2008, and it's working flawlessly. While opening vs2010 alone the error "cannot create the window" appears, and vs2010 doesn't open.

    As it did not happen earlier and vs 2008 is working well, i though the problem must be either with the installation or with the third party add in installed. So I started reinstalling it.

    Even after re installation of vs2010, the same error pops and vs2010 doesn't open. Then i started digging the information about the add ins installed. After two hrs of hopeless browsing and r&d, I was tired and wanted to take some rest...

   After some time something strike my mind, and i started to feel that, the problem is lying with .net framework 4 and related updates. First i tried to uninstall .net framework 4 extended and it failed as we need to uninstall .net framework 4 client profile first. I could not uninstall the .net framework 4 extended even after removal of .net framework 4 client profile.

    I downloaded the .net framework cleanup tool and with the help of this tool i succeeded uninstalling .net framework 4 components.

   After a couple of restart the .net framework 4 components installed through windows update. Finally voila, VS 2010 started to work like a charm.

  The corrupted .net 4 components did not affect VS 2008 as it uses 3.5 components.



Anonymous said...

Thanks mate.. Saved a lot of time..

S A Delphin said...

You are welcome mate..

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it worked!

Axis said...

Excellent, it worked for me. Thanks!

umair said...

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