Friday, August 5, 2011

Allow standard user to change system date and time : How to change system date and time without admin privilege.

  Hey friends, In this post we will discuss about setting up permissions for a standard user to change system data and time in windows.
  Let see how we can do that..

   Login to your computer as ad administrator. Type secpol.msc in run and hit enter to open local security policy. Click on continue if UAC prompts...

  Expand local Policies>User right assignment, in the right pane double click on Change the system time to edit it.

  By default, Administrators and Local service will be having the permissions. To ad a standard user or a group, Click on add user or Group(marked as 1).  Then click on object type at the top right. Put a check mark on Groups if you want to add a group(marked as 2).

  Type Users and click on check names(marked a s 3). Once the group name is resolved, click on Ok in all opened windows to accept the change. You can even add a single user name if you don't want to add user group.

  That's it now login as a standard user, and you will be able to change the system data and time..

  You can even manage this security policy through GPO if you are inside a domain network. Need to edit your GPO as below.

Hope this will help you...



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