Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to recover Revit cannot run the external command "Navisworks 2010/2011/2012" error in revit Structure/Architecture

  A friend of mine called up and asked me to correct an issue he is facing with Autodesk revit structure 2010 suite, while he is trying to use Navis manage 2010 exporter plugin.

 whenever he tries to load the Navis exporter 2010 as an add-in, he gets this error message.

 He was on a 64 bit windows box, with both revit structure 2010 and Navis manage 2010 installed...

After a small research i realized as u can see in the error screen attached, Revit structure 2010 64 bit, tries to load Nwexportrevit2010_7.dll from c:\program files(x86)\common files\Autodesk shared\navisworks\2010\Nwexportrevit2010 . Which means revit 2010 64 bit tries to load navis 2010 32 bit dll file in a windows 7 64 bit box. That's where it's stuck.

  I checked in control panel and found both navis exporter 32 bit and 64 bit plugin were installed in his computer. And revit took 32 bit plugin as default and tries to load it.

  Then i just removed navis exporter plugin 32 bit from his computer through programs and features wizard and restarted his computer.

  Voila!! after that restart revit can load the navis exporter plugin without any problem.

  Thought i would share this information with u guys. If you have any queries leave it in the comment section.

  Hope this helps.



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