Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to rectify "unable to communicate with the reporting component" in sepm server

Hey friens, Recnetly was installing Altiris IT management sollutions through symantec installation manager to test it's ability in my organization's environment, But as a part of pre request check it asked me to configure script mappings for IIS. I did as it said and it passed the pre request check. Successfully installed altiris IT management sollutions. Thank god. I did it..

But when i open my symantec endpoint protection  management console, i was shocked as it display "Unable to communicate to reporting commponent" error when i login to my console and there were a white blank screen on HOME, MONITOR and REPORTS tab. Oh my god, i forgot i had sepm console in the same server, and now i made a mess in IIS...

Found many procedures to troubleshoot this issue, None of them worked for me.

Tried resetting IIS, Tried reconfiguring ODBC, tried restoring apppoolsettings in IIS blah, blah..... None of them set that right.

So i decided to go ahead with repairing sepm installation as i cannot let that error persists for one or two days and open a support case in symantec. Because i had configured almost 12 scheduled reports that run daily.

As i was ready to repair sepm installation i took database backup and keystore backup, as i might need it later to restore if anything goes wrong.

Started repair, after 5-10 mins it asked me to reconfigure sepm, I specified same configurations as i had set my server earlier. Volia my console came online again. The scheduled reports are also working now.. Thanks to repair. :)

Hope this post helps you..



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