Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to disable Autoplay for removable devices in vista and windows 7

Afraid to use thumb drives in your computer ?

Do u thing a thumb drive can execute virus program in your computer ?

No it's not, if you disable Autoplay for removable devices. All the virus program is designed to excecute itself when you click something in autorun prompt as you can see in the image posted left side. This is how virus programs spread across all the computers through thumb drive. In this article we will guide you to disable Autoplay and thus eliminate virus infection while using thumb drives...


         A virus programmer will create a .exe file which is actually a virus code and a autorun.inf file which execute the .exe file when you click anything on Autoplay  prompt. The information to excecute the .exe file is present in the autorun.inf file and both the files will be super hidden. hence you will not be able to see those two files. The typical virus code and a autorun.inf files are shown in the below image.

     If you insert this thumb drive into any computer the Autoplay pop up will come, if you select scan and fix, the application.exe which is a virus code will be executed and it will crash your computer. So never click anything on Autoplay prompt. let see how to disable the Autoplay in your computer..


             It's a good fact that we can suppress the Autoplay window within your computer for removable media's like thumb drive, Cd's, Dvd's etc..


           Group policy editor is good tool through which we can allow and disable some of windows actions. To disable Autoplay,
  1. Type gpedit.msc in run and hit enter, click on continue for UAC if it asks.
  2. Expand Computer configuration, Administrative templates, Windows components, Autoplay policies in the right pane double click on Turn of Autoplay and select the radio button of Enabled and give OK.

That's it. You disabled Autoplay in your computer.


          We can disable Autoplay through registry editor also.

  1. Type regedit in run and hit enter. click on continue for UAC if it asks.
  2. Expand H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, MICROSOFT, WINDOWSNT, CURRENTVERSION, POLICIES, EXPLORER  in the right pane right click on empty space and select new, dword value.
  3. Change name as NoDriveTypeAutoRun. Now double click on NoDriveTypeAutoRun and type the value as ff. now say ok and positive response to all dialogues.

disable Autoplay through regedit

Edit registry only if you are familiar with regedit.  I would recommend to use the first method.



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