Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to use safeboot to check which program affects your computer's stability

Is your computer restarting frequently?!

Does your computer crash unexpectedly?!

Does your computer Hang often?!

An unwanted program may cause this. Yeah I know that you have lot more programs installed in your computer, But it's very easy to find the culprit out of all, through system configuration utility. This article will guide you how to find the culprit program and make your computer stable through system configuration utility. System configuration utility is one of the best tool provided by Microsoft to bring your computer's behavior back to normal.  let see how to do that...


        Let's assume that your computer hangs and not responding to anything you click or type, the only way to bring your computer back is to restart it manually and this is happening frequently.. what will you do?! In this case I would use system configuration utility to find the culprit program and disable it.


       First thing you need to use is diagnostic startup. Through that we can tell the windows to load basic services and drivers which indispensable for windows operation and nothing more. If your computer is working well and good in diagnostic startup there is no problem in your computer's Os at all. To do that,  
  1. Type  msconfig in run and hit enter. This will bring up the system configuration utility window.
  2. click on general tab and select diagnostic startup. Click ok and restart your computer.
  3. Observe your computer's performance for a while, If it's stable you don't need to worry about as there is no problem in your OS.   Once you are clear that there is no problem in the diagnostic startup change the value back to normal startup and restart your computer


       The next thing you need to check, is the startup programs which are configured itself to start when windows starts.. In the system configuration utility window, click on startup tab and disable all the startup items by clicking disable all button. Once all the startup items are disabled, restart your computer to check the problem persists. If you feel that the problem is solved after all the startup items disabled, enjoy having time with your computer. We can start the programs manually if we need that. 


       If your computer still hangs, you need to check the non Microsoft services by disabling it one by one. In the system configuration utility window, click on services tab and put a check mark on Hide all Microsoft services. This will hide all Microsoft related services and will show all the other services. Click on disable all and restart your computer. This should bring your computer back to normal. But make sure before you click disable all, You put a tick mark on Hide all Microsoft services. Otherwise your computer won't be able to start.

      The following procedures will guide you how to use system configuration utility and it's features. Hope you will find this article informative.


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