Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scan your pc for virus through internet by windows live one care :) free of cost

Hey friends, we had a discussion about how to safe guard your computer from virus even if you don't have an antivirus software in this post. In addition to that we can also utilize the Windows live one care to scan your computer for virus through internet free of cost.
Windows live one care is a free and powerful tool provided by Microsoft to ensure Windows 7 and Windows vista stability. Let see how do we configure and utilize it.

    To use One care you need to visit this site through the latest version of internet explorer. This product will only work through internet explorer, and Microsoft wants that.

    The full service scan consists of Protection which will check your computer for security threats, Cleanup which will clean the junks from your hard drive, and Tune up which will increase your computer's performance.This tool can be used only on vista and and windows 7 Os.  
We cannot use this tool on Windows xp.

    Before starting, open internet explorer and turn off pop-up blocker The procedure can be found here.In the One care home page, click on full service scan and click on launch full scan for windows vista and windows 7 to initiate the process and Click the install now button in the next page. Internet explorer will ask you install the add on, Right click on the yellow ribbon below file menu and select install this add on for all the users in this computer. The below image may assist you to find the yellow ribbon.

 Click Launch scanner button, select complete scan and click next in the pop up window.

Once you click next, It will initiate the download process wait until it's completed.

   Once the download completed it will start the scan, It may take an hour or two. Wait until the scan completed, it will clear your junk and will tune your computer for better performance.

do it at least Once a week and you don't need an antivirus software. I hope this article will help you. Don't forget to post comments.



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