Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to uninstall internet explorer 9 (ie9) beta version installed through windows updates

Hey all, In this post we will talk about uninstalling removing internet explorer 9 beta version which is installed through windows update.

Yes, browsing with ie9 beta is full of hangs and crashes. Microsoft shouldn't have done that, installing ie9 without user's notice as automatic windows update.  Okay let's talk about uninstalling that...

1.  Go to control panel > Classic view > Programs and features.

2. In the program and features windows, click on View installed updates.

3. In the update history window find "windows internet explorer 9" right click on that, and click uninstall. it will start uninstalling ie9 beta.

4. Once the uninstall is over, restart your computer. You will be having internet explorer 8.

Hope this helps.



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