Friday, November 12, 2010

How to Download Google books Easily and free of cost

Welcome back all. In this post we will describe how to download e books from Google books website. Google books website is excellent service offered by Google, you can read all the books available with Google free of cost. But for some books the option to download is not available. But by doing some tweak you can download those books too.

Firefox (browser) must be installed to download those books. Carefully follow the steps and download the entire book.

Open your Firefox browser , If don't have it, download and install it from here Firefox ...

Visit and click on add to Firefox to add grease monkey add-on to your Firefox browser. It will ask you to restart your browser, restart it. Once you did add grease monkey to Firefox you are ready to install Google books downloader.

Google books downloader is a nice script works with Grease monkey to help you you to download Google books. Go to User and click install. That's it you are done.

Restart your Firefox and go to Googlebooks and  search and find the book you are looking for.

Once you start reading the book, Download this book button will appear, Click that button and it will start capturing all the pages of that particular book as .png image files. Once it did create links for all the .png files you can select all and download it by any download managers or you can use the pp1, pp1, pp3 buttons appearing at the right side of each pages of the book to download all the pages one by one.

Then you can take printout of those pages.

Hope this article will help you.



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