Monday, November 22, 2010

How to get more battery backup and increase your laptop's battery's life

Do you want to have a handsome hours of your laptop's battery backup?

Everybody prefers to work with laptop, even I do with the Conveniences offered by laptops. We can carry it to anywhere, literally anywhere..

But If your laptop's battery backup is less, You are stumped. But in this article we will talk about the instruction you need to follow to have a reasonably good battery backup and life.. 

Let's talk about that....


       You need to use your battery with complete cycles. Always allow your battery to discharge it self to 5-10 percent, then charge it to 100 percent. You can do this by removing laptop charger when you battery is 100 percent put that back when your battery level is 10 percent. By following this method your battery's ability to stand will increase. Discharge your battery at least twice in a week.


      Don't close your laptop's lid while it's shutting down or it's in use. By default if you close your laptop's lid at any time, your laptop will go to standby mode and this will consume some power from your battery. This will reduce the ability of your battery. so close your laptop's lid only after shutting it down.


     If your laptop is on battery change the power plan to power saver. If you select power saver as power plan, power distributed to peripherals like USb ports, WIFI adapters will be reduced and thus you will get more battery backup. In addition to that animation and transparency will be disabled if choose power saver.


      Reduce your screen brightness while you are working on battery.  If you do so your battery backup time will considerably increase. So make sure you decrease the brightness while working on battery.


     If any unwanted programs are running in background those program will consume power. So we could get more backup time by disabling those programs. You can disable unwanted services and startup programs with the procedure explained here . Check the services and startup portion.


    Windows 7 has improved power saving qualities. So if you use windows 7 there is much chance to get more battery backup.

Hope this post help you increase your battery backup time..



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